HelloAI Advanced RIS

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Your application will be evaluated by the Organizers, and access to the course will be activated based on your eligibility.  Course materials are available from the 12th of May until the 30th of August, 2022. 

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Who should apply?

 ✓ MSc, PhD students   ✓ Early career professionals and researchers  ✓ Youngling Entrepreneurs (ideas, MVPs, early stage)  ✓ People with a strong interest in Al in Healthcare (no specific background required)  ✓ Individuals who are passionate about AI and are committed to completing the full course

What to expect

  • Generate new ideas about the existing technologies and how those can improve depending on future needs.

  • Explore new AI solutions, development and application in the public healthcare system in a new perspective.

  • Understand the process of the development of AI in a public health system which requires laying the foundations for proper data management and protection.

  • Connect with credible, specialized organizations and individuals in AI, facilitating the possibility of possible collaboration in future projects.

What are the benefits

  • Earn up to 7,5 ECTS credits

  • Access to global network of medical experts & professors

  • Explore new career opportunities and a chance to launch a business in the HC AI domain

  • Interact with topmost experts and like-minded peers

  • Learn about the HC AI ecosystem – players, roles and opportunities

  • Access to a broad set of materials to match your interest

Course curriculum

    1. Disclaimer

    2. 1.1 - AI, Personalized medicine and rethinking  design​​

    3. 1.2. - Radiology powered by AI​​

    4. 1.4. - Transforming healthcare with AI  ​​

About this course

  • €199,00
  • 4 lessons
  • 11 hours of video content

Discover the most comprehensive study on AI application in healthcare from the top renowned medical experts, starting today!