HelloAI programme

Welcome to the HelloAI e-learning platform expanding on new technologies that harness the power of data and AI which eventually present huge opportunities to transform healthcare! Here you can choose one or several of the HelloAI courses that fit your goals best, and pre-register to secure your seat. Once the selected course is launched - you will have access to the learning materials.

HelloAI initiative is a blended-learning experience that brings together key industry players in AI-powered diagnostic imaging created by EIT Health, GE Healthcare, KTH, and LEITAT with supporting partners represented by COCIR and the University of Maastricht. In 2022, the HelloAI programme offers 4 different courses and 2 scholarship schemes. 

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HelloAI offers multiple courses aimed at people with various levels of healthcare and tech expertise. Explore the courses to find the one that suits your background best. All certified courses of the HelloAI programme combine theoretical presentations on fascinating and challenging AI topics with hands-on practical assignments to help medical students and professionals further excel in their education and carrier. 

Before registering, please check your eligibility for the Full Scholarship opportunity available for the residents of any RIS country. To learn more, please review: www.helloaionline.com/conditions 

Which course to choose?

Watch a 4-minute short summary video about each course and the RIS scholarship opportunities.


HelloAI programme is funded by EIT Health, organized by GE Healthcare, KTH and LEITAT. EIT Health is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union